Our Scholarships


Leigh High School Scholarships

Kyle was a good student, got into most of the colleges he applied to and was active in the school sports as he played soccer all 4 years at Leigh.  What made him stand out at Leigh was that he also got along with everyone and was liked by the staff, teachers and students,  everyone that knew him liked him. People that knew him at Leigh described him as kind, funny and loyal.

Every year we will present a scholarship to a Leigh graduate that  embodies everything Kyle was as a Leigh student. 


Youth Sports Scholarships

Growing up Kyle was active in many sports, he played baseball at Union Little League, soccer with West Valley Youth Soccer League &  Los Gatos United Soccer League and pop warner football with CV Football League.  These sports can be expensive and Kyle's mom was a single mom for a few years, so we understand it can be difficult to pay for all the sports and activities.

We want to provide youth sports scholarships to these local leagues Kyle played in growing up, to help parents that otherwise can not afford to have their child play sports.

Recent Scholarship Recipients

West Valley Youth Soccer League


We had the honor on August 28th to present a $1000 scholarship to a special organization that we spent many years a part of, West Valley  Youth Soccer League. The scholarship will be used to assist families with paying team fees, purchasing uniforms or other equipment. 

Leigh High School Class of 2018


On May 24, 2018 we presented the first annual Leigh HS scholarship.  The recipients for the Class of 2018 are Rene Wash and Pano Roumeliotis, each received a scholarship of $1500.

Rene Wash is attending West Valley College where she will be playing volleyball.

Pano Roumeliotis is attending West Valley College and plans to be an English Teacher.

Leigh High School Class of 2019


We were honored to award this year's scholarship on May 30th.  For the class of 2019, the scholarship winner is Cole Pena.  Cole is planning to attend the University of Oregon in the fall and major  in Business. Go Ducks!!