Kyle, mom and sister Allison

Kyle is an amazing person!

Kyle John Taylor was born March 22, 1999.  Kyle was an 18 year old who was always a loving, kind, spirited, adventurous, outgoing, fun, athletic, jokester, life of the party, passionate, charismatic, compassionate young man who is loved by everyone that has had the pleasure of knowing him.  He was a college freshmen planning on majoring in Business and was hoping for a career in Real Estate.  He loved learning, especially for things he was passionate about.  His favorite things to do were anything outside like surfing in Santa Cruz, snowboarding in Tahoe, fishing, or going on adventures with his friends. He was always doing something and didn't like sitting around wasting his day.  He was a huge sports fan, anything with the LA Chargers, SF Giants, Golden State Warriors or English Premier League soccer.  Kyle has an energy about him that will go on in everyone he has touched.  He is missed and loved beyond measure by all of his family and friends.  

Kyle's motto was - "Life only happens once in a lifetime" And that is how he lived his life.   Love you more Kyle!


February 22, 2018 started like any other day in my house.  Kyle (or Ky as his friends call him) came home from his classes at the local community college. We chatted about his day and since he didn’t have school the next day, he was heading to a friend’s house in Santa Cruz to hang out and he would be home the next day. He grabbed a bag of clothes gave me a quick kiss, said love you mom and walked out the door. Later that night I was on a walk with some friends when my phone rang. That call would change my life forever. Kyle’s friend informed me that Kyle was found unconscious, not breathing and was being rushed to the local hospital. The next couple of hours were a blur, I remember walking into the ER to see my 18-year-old son being worked on by many doctors and nurses. We were told that Kyle had suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We had many family and friends there praying and hoping that Kyle would wake up and be ok but on February 24, 2018 we were told that Kyle would not survive. So, two days after seeing his smile and hearing him say “I love you mom” I had to say goodbye to my son.